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Cat Friendly Clinic 2019

Posted by wpadmins3 on 26 February, 2019

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Every animal 🐕🐈🐇🦔 has its special features and needs, and we love to treat them as they deserve 🙂 Therefore, receive one more year this 👇recognition is so important to us. Again we are Cat Friendly Clinic 🥳, recognized by the ISFM 😍 Happy and proud, thank you! What standards can you expect from a Cat Friendly Clinic? https://catfriendlyclinic.org/cat-owners/what-you-should-be-looking-for/

Annual senior check

Posted by wpadmins3 on 11 February, 2019

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Is your dog 🐕 or cat 🐈 8 years old or older? Well now more than ever, prevention is very important. El The annual check-up will help you to detect any disease in time to be treated and help you to have a much healthier and happier old age. What includes? 👉 Exploration, blood and complete urine analysis, and chest x-ray. All for only € 100. Ask for an appointment! 📲 928 83 39 90

New Zoocan APP

Posted by wpadmins3 on 11 February, 2019

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Losing your best friend is a really difficult time, both for him and for you. 😥 All help is vital to find it 👍 and with the new Zoocan APP of the Council of Veterinary Schools of the Canary Islands you will have the best ally. Among other things, you can: 🐾 NOTIFY THE LOSS OF YOUR PET WITH microchip (registered in ZOOCAN). 🐾 Both pet owners and any individual who registers in the application,

Dental care

Posted by wpadmins3 on 11 February, 2019

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👩⚕️The dental health of your pets is more important than you imagine … As they get older, they are more prone to bacterial plaque buildup, known as tartar, which is the most common in small breed dogs. 😥 Periodontal disease can cause several problems and of different severity. The fear of sedating or anesthetizing your pet should not harm your health, it is perfectly safe in patients without associated pathologies, and in the process a
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